Color refers to the presence or absence of a dull yellow or brown tint in white diamonds, specifically. This color never changes or fades over time.

A colorless or pure white diamond – which is ideal – allows for more light to pass through it than a colored diamond (This is different than a fancy colored diamond, which demonstrates a naturally vivid hue that is distinct from white-range diamonds.).A colorless diamond, known as D in the GIA grading system, emits more sparkle and fire than an H or an I-classified diamond, for example. It is extremely rare to find a truly colorless diamond. Therefore, the whiter the appearance, the greater the value.

Note: Fancy Color diamonds, which range in color from Blue to Green to bright Yellow and Pink, do not follow this rule and are actually more valuable for their color.

gia color code examples

  • D
  • H
  • N
  • Z